I’m Will Smith. No, not that one. I’m a collector of varied skills, including podcast host, video interviewer, maker of things, bad Twitch streamer, communications expert, and a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting. Currently, I’m the co-host of Brad & Will Made a Tech Pod and The FOSS Pod, the Director of Comms at Stray Bombay, and a semi-frequent Twitch streamer.

Since I started working in tech in 1998, I’ve done a lot of interesting/weird stuff and worked with loads of amazing people. Most folks probably know me for launching Tested in 2010, but I started as a fledgling tech journalist at Ars Technica in 1998 and I was the editor-in-chief of Maximum PC before launching Tested. Since I left Tested in 2015, I launched a VR startup, started streaming on Twitch, got good at creating communities, launched a couple of podcasts, and joined Stray Bombay, where I’m working on The Anacrusis.

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