Blogging: it’s the new Twitter

So here we are again. With all of the *waves hands* going on over at Twitter, the well-explored failings of the Facebook Meta-owned networks, or the inherent attention-span destroying nature of TikTok, I going to take another stab at blogging, where my work will ultimately be owned by me instead of whoever ends up buying my social network.

This is the time for me to apologize for the advice I gave in 2008, when I told people that they could get their news from social media. That’s my bad.

While I’m not enough of an egomaniac to think I had any impact on the trend of independent websites connected with open standards moving to closed applications, I did see the writing on the wall well in advance of the broader population making that transition.

(I also completely failed to predict that aspiring demagogues would be the most effective at using these platforms. That they would leverage social networks to recruit 30% of the voting population into a destructive political movement that’s almost completely divorced from reality is something I never would have considered in 2008. You can’t win em all, I guess.)

So what is there to blog about? This is where you’ll be able to find the things I’m interested in that are between topics on the Tech Pod or FOSS Pod. Right at this moment, I’ve been experimenting with ML content generators (like Stable Diffusion), thinking about how you build projects that scale lifetimes or generations, and the role of public schools in America.

And I’ll put the normal kind of product recs that I typically post to Twitter. A case in point, I put a heated mattress pad on the bed in preparation for winter last night and had the cosiest night’s sleep ever. With all the other bad stuff going on, at least the bed is nice and cozy when I get in.

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